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Grief and Sleep Guide


The loss of a loved one can cause a change in sleep patterns. 

Discover the best ways to take care of yourself and improve sleep after loss and download this free guide.

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Do you feel like your world has been turned upside down after loss?

Do you feel overwhelmed at the enormity of your grief and emotions?

Do you often feel lost, lonely, and like no one else can relate to your pain and experience?

I get it because I have been there too!

Finding the right support can help process the emotions and beliefs correlated with grief. When grief is internalized it can manifest itself in various ways of physical and mental suffering. Left unresolved can cause physical and emotional disorders. I’m here to help you with my Grief Recovery and Bereavement programs.

What is the Grief Recovery?

We will all experience loss throughout our lifetime. Unfortunately, no one is exempt from this. Where there is loss, there is grief. Grief is the normal and natural reaction to a loss of any kind. The problem is grief is misunderstood and not discussed much in society. And many of us don’t have first hand experience until it happens to you and are forced to deal with it. In Grief Recovery we focus on the educational side of grief and loss, but mostly it deals with how to heal your broken heart, which requires emotional support instead of intellectual explanations.

Grief Recovery gives you the tools you need in order to heal. There are many types of loss that we can experience throughout our lifetime that create grief such as death, divorce or loss of career.                                                                                                      
These losses can go unattended and unresolved for years partly due to the false belief that many of us have heard… “time will heal our wounds”. The truth is that time in and if itself does nothing to heal. Unresolved grief accumulates over time and significantly impacts our ability to live life fully in the present moment.
Friends and family usually have the best intentions, but sometimes can’t always provide the support you need and there are times when therapists may or may not be helpful either. Someone may only have an intellectual understanding of loss, but it can be different from someone who has an entire career of helping others work through grief and losing a loved one.                                                                                                                                    

6 cliches of grief recovery that are routinely perpetuated in good faith by friends, families and therapists that can often cause more harm than good:


  1. Time heals all wounds
  2. Replace the loss
  3. Grieve alone
  4. Be strong
  5. Don’t feel bad
  6. Keep busy
People often say you have to let go and move on in your life, but they don’t tell you how. Grief Recovery is about learning the tools and strategies to recover from loss with supportive and loving guidance.

I Can Help You In Different Situations



Widow & Widower

Grief Support Group

The first step in grief and loss recovery is acknowledging grief in your life and accepting support from others. I help you create healthy relationships, surround yourself with like-minded individuals, learn and grow after loss and help you to take action to find strength and embrace life.
If you are here for the first time, joining the bereavement group is your first step to grief recovery. Click here to find out more about when one of these groups is starting and how to join.

Grief & Loss Coaching

For many people, the bereavement group will be enough to release you from the grips of debilitating grief. But many of you will need more. This is why I have put together a deep dive into understanding the root cause of your grieving so I can help you on a very personal level. If you need 1:1 support after you have participated in the grief support group, then click on the button to set up a call with me.

Cannabis Consulting


Grief & Sleep

Cannabis has emerged as a therapeutic plant that has unique properties to help people to sleep. As a cannabis consultant, I am knowledgeable in the strains that have these unique properties. Cannabis has given me the opportunity to really help people who are grieving to find a deep sleep, sometimes for the first time in months or years. To schedule a cannabis consultation with me, please complete the Cannabis Consult Questionnaire prior to scheduling your appointment.

I’m Bryony McCord, RN and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

I am no stranger to death and loss. My experiences have taught me how to understand the grief process. Through personal coaching and counseling, I’m willing to help other widows cope with grief and find a healthy, happy lifestyle after their loss. 

I want to make sure you feel you’re feeling understood. When you lose someone you loved, you might feel like nothing it’s in place and won’t ever be again. I am here to help you heal and get back on track with your life.