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Bereavement Group

Sometimes it’s easier to share with a group. If you feel like that’s your case, you’re covered too. Talking and learning from other’s stories can expand your vision and help a lot with your own situation. 

In both modalities, you’ll learn that, despite what you might feel now, you are not alone, you can learn how to process your thoughts and feeling and find happiness again. 

1-on-1 Grief Recovery

If you feel lost, and like no one understands your pain, do not despair, I know how it’s like and I can help. 

If you want to share your experience and seek counseling, I am here for you. Book a private session so I can help you cope with everything you’re feeling and go through it.

Cannabis Consulting For Sleep/Grief (CBD)


Are you having trouble sleeping after your loss? Using Cannabis as a method for achieving a good night’s sleep it’s getting more and more popular, and I can provide guidance on how to use this plant safely and successfully.